SMH Facebook

Can we ever really trust Facebook again? They’ve been selling our data for years without offering a paid subscription as at least a second option and for years all we wanted was to see our friends latest status update but no. All we got was ad after ad, fake news and stupid pages we liked but didn’t want to have constantly blasted into our eyeballs, in a few short years Facebook had turned into social cancer. These people really don’t care about us or our memories, our pictures, our lives. Facebook and Zuck only care about the almighty dollar, what they can make off the backs of our information. I’m not saying they shouldn’t make money for what they do but don’t put money above your customer, above people because when you do that you’ll lose every time. Why do you think Apple is the most successful company of all time? Because they realize that their customer is most important, not profits, yes profits are important but betray the customer and it can be very hard, usually impossible to gain their trust back especially when corporations are already viewed as soulless titans incapable of listening to their customers. Apple has made so much money because they respect their customer and their privacy, the FBI has tried to get Apple to betray their customers and gain access to locked iPhones many times and yet Apple has never caved. Zuckerberg would have probably given access at the first request because he respects other companies and the government 100 times more than he respects the people even though neither of them are the source of Facebooks massive excess riches. Can we ever trust Facebook again? Don’t think so. Should it be turned into a non profit or run by the people? Maybe so. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!



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